It is so very important that our children grow up with a sense of their community.  Their immediate community is their class.  They then begin to be more aware of the whole school as a community.  They learn that they have roles and responsibilities within these communities, such as Register monitors, Eco monitors and Playground leaders.


Through a range of activities and events during the year, we encourage the children to be aware of their wider local community.  Our Y2 children participate in the St Petroc’s Church Christmas Concert and the Russell Collins Music Festival.  Our Y2s also join in the procession through the town on St Piran’s day.  The rest of the school have their own St Piran’s flag-waving procession around the school playgrounds!


Fund-raising and charity events help our children to learn the importance of sharing and helping others.  Hence the contributions they brought in for Harvest went to the Wadebridge foodbank.  We often support the Little Bridges Hospice.