Useful links for parents

November 2018


We know how important it is to work in complete partnership with parents and carers and for this reason we run a range of learning opportunities and courses. 


Family Learning: 

There are often Family Learning courses run in our Beacon Children’s Centre which prove to be very popular with our parents.  Recently courses have included “Storysacks” course and Grammar, Punctuation and spelling.  These are courses when parents/carers and their children have time to learn together.


Support for parents/carers:  

We have a supportive Pastoral Team, consisting of our Safeguarding manager, Jackie Hawkins, Attendance officer, Helen Sowden , Sharon Angel our Parent Support Advisor (PSA) and our Special Needs and disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO), Kim Alway.

The role of the pastoral team is to help parents and their children on a whole range of matters.  They are available to speak with parents who may like information about such things as childcare, sporting facilities, financial advice and housing issues.  Our Pastoral team can guide and sign-post to the appropriate places/services. 


Occasionally families need more help and our Pastoral team can then offer packages of support with things such as behaviour management, bedtime routines and healthy living.


Our Pastoral Team will work in partnership with other agencies when appropriate.  The Pastoral Team have established excellent links with many other agencies and professionals, such as Wadebridge Foodbank, Health trainers, Health Advisors and the Children’s Centre.